3 Advantages on TOTO Toilet Bowl That Are Useful to Malaysia

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3 Advantages on TOTO Toilet Bowl That Are Useful to Malaysia

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Toto Toilet Bowl Malaysia



For those of you who travelled to Japan, you must be impressed to visit the bathroom in Japan. Not only that it is clean and dry all the time, mounted to the wall was a panel of buttons, illustrated by stick men and symbols open to wild interpretation. It transpired that they controlled functions such as toilet seat heating, the water pressure level of the electronic bidet, and music to cover embarrassing noises.

Let’s take a look at the leading-edge toilets of Japan, produced by established ware manufacturer TOTO.



CeFiONtect is a glaze applied to all TOTO ceramic products, leaving them with a long-lasting finish that prevents the build-up of mould, limescale and waste matter.

The technology used in CeFiONtect has redefined the idea of a clean ceramic surface. It’s impossible to see with the naked eye, but untreated ceramics have rough, imperfect surfaces. Under a microscope they look like mountain ranges: no matter how much you clean them, bacteria will always build up in their ridges and crevices. With CeFiONtect, we are able to ensure perfectly smooth surfaces to which very little dirt can stick.


Because CeFiONtect is applied before the ceramics are fired, it is far more resilient than glazes applied after firing. In effect it is a longer-lasting shield for surfaces that makes them clean by nature.

Tornado Flush

The most essential feature of each TOTO toilet is Tornado Flush. Depending on the model, two or three jets create a powerful, circulating whirlpool of water which thoroughly and efficiently cleans every inch of the bowl.

The power of the water is bundled and enhanced in a single direction for cleansing without any mist or spray. The flush reaches practically every point inside the toilet bowl, making it nearly impossible for dirt and germs to accumulate.

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Developed by TOTO, ewater+ is an electrolyzed water that is a proven disinfectant. It is used for both food preparation and cleaning applications. For reasons that will become more clear as you read on, we highly recommend that you install a WASHLET with the TOTO ewater+ feature.

How Does ewater+ Work?

It’s really simple; the bidet seat pre-mists the toilet bowl when it senses a user approaching. The premist is a proprietary ewater+ electrolyzed water formula. Their process transforms common chemicals in tap water into NaOCl (sodium hypochlorite). After the user flushes and leaves, the bidet seat sprays mist again. If 8 hours of non-use pass, ewater+ is sprayed again. TOTO has a helpful infographic depicting the entire process:

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What Are the Benefits of ewater+?

The primary benefit is that it’s excellent for improving your bathroom hygiene. According to TOTO, this process cleans 80% better than a dry bowl. One additional bonus is that it reduces your need for harsh chemical cleanings. Not only should toxic chemicals be avoided whenever possible, but it’s also nice to avoid that hard work in the first place.

Fun fact: electrolyzed water returns to its normal state after 2 hours.

How to choose your Toilet Bowl?

People on average use the toilet bowl nine or ten times a day, therefore it is important that you choose the best toilet bowl within your budget.

There are 3 criteria to find out and decide before you purchase your new toilet bowl.

Rough-in Measurement

Rough in measurement is the dimension from the wall behind the toilet to the middle of outlet. That distance can be anything between 4″ to 12″. Tell your retailer the size you are looking for. Usually you will have to remove your existing toilet bowl to measure the distance.

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Flushing Method

A toilet flush works by using the force of rushing water to push waste out to the septic system.

So it’s a matter of how to recreate this fluid energy with the least amount of water. And manipulate it for the highest efficiency in waste clearing. And all this will not happen without taking a different perspective in toilet design.

There are two systems: Washdown and Siphonic

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In wash down toilets, waste is simply “pushed” by free flowing water out of the trapway. The siphonic method on the other hand, employs a smaller outlet (usually 2” diameter) to slightly trap the flush water until it is filled enough for a siphonic action to pull the contents of the bowl out.

Siphonic has a greater tendency to clog due to the smaller trapway. However is it more efficient in flushing everything down the trapway. Since wash down does not need this suction, it has a larger trapway but leaves less water on the bowl after flushing compared to the half full of the siphonic version. Splashing sometimes occurs when solid waste hits the water for wash down versions. Washdown system is usually louder than siphonic.

Remember to let you retailer know your preference. It is important to know that siphonic toilet is only available for 12″ rough in dimension.


Nowadays, toilet bowls come in all kinds of design. You may want to design on the overall design idea of your bathroom and match the toilet bowl with it.

Round or Square

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If you like squarish design, you may go for TOTO Alisei Series.

Toto Toilet Bowl Malaysia

If you like round design, you may go for TOTO Avante Series.

One Piece or Close-Coupled

After you have made up your mind on the design, you need to weigh the benefits of a two-piece (as known as close-coupled) versus one-piece toilet bowl. The standard two-piece toilet, which consists of a separate tank and bowl, has been used in homes for years, but one-piece toilets, which are made by fusing the tank and bowl into one solid unit, offer space-saving versatility. Considering the pros and cons of each design can help you select a toilet that’s right for your home and your budget.

With one piece toilets, the lack of joints or gaps between the toilet tank and bowl makes cleaning easier because dirt has fewer places to hide. The tank attaches to a two-piece toilet at the bowl, and dirt and bacteria can build up in this area, making it hard to clean without disassembling the toilet.

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TOTO One Piece Toilet Bowl

One-piece toilets can be difficult to install because they’re heavy and cumbersome; a second pair of hands is typically necessary for proper installation. With a two-piece toilet, you install the bowl and the tank separately, and these lighter sections are simple for one person to manage. On the other hand, with a one-piece toilet, you don’t have to worry about cracking the porcelain while trying to attach the tank to the bowl. And two-piece toilets do not typically come with wax rings or seats, as one-piece toilets do. In small spaces, a one-piece toilet might be preferable, as these come in wall-mount styles.


Despite that, two-piece toilets are usually more affordable than one-piece toilets. This is especially true if you decide to use a wall mount toilet instead of a standard floor model, as your pipes might need modification by a professional plumber. Both types of toilets are comparable in terms of service life and functionality, but replacement is usually more affordable with a two-piece toilet. Each part is sold separately, so you can replace the tank or bowl individually. If a one-piece toilet malfunctions, you must replace the entire unit.


Where can I get TOTO Toilet Bowl in Malaysia?

Shower & Bath just open at Jalan Ipoh. It is showroom dedicated to TOTO products. In here you can find full range of TOTO products. Visit them today to know more!

Address: 272, 2 1/2 Miles, Jalan Ipoh, 51200, Kuala Lumpur.


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